Rainbow Snippets

Running insanely late but it’s been a helluva two weeks. I’m just going to drop this and run.

Here’s more of <i>These Haunted Hills</I> picking up from when Josh learns that Brendan’s lost (and found) necklace is a pendant made with his son’s ashes in the glass.


A few tears of his own snuck past Joshua’s defenses. “I understand. I’m glad it was just in the truck.”

“I’m so sorry.” Brendan hiccupped, wiping his face. “What you must think?”

“I think you’re a father suffering the worst thing that could happen to a parent.” He rubbed Brendan’s back. “I wish I could make things easier for you but that’s more magic than even your books possess.”

“You don’t find it…creepy? I always wondered if it was but I thought it was a beautiful way to memorialize Connor.”</b>

And Happy Halloween everyone.

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