Rainbow Snippets

It has been awhile. A month ago today I fell at home and landed with my knee hyperextended. I suffered an injury you’d see if I jumped off the roof or something. Broken all three leg bones at the knee, tore almost all the ligaments and tendons. I damaged nerves and blood vessels, nearly lost the leg as a result. I’ve had three surgeries and have one to go. I’ve spent the last month hospitalized. I’ll spend all of April the same. I won’t start relearning how to walk until May. I wasn’t clear headed for a while between pain relieves, anxiety meds and muscle relaxers so I fell off the radar. Hoping to get back into it now.

I’m taking a break from These Haunted Hills to showcase the characters from my upcoming short story The Homestead at the Beginning of the World in the Fix the World anthology edited by J. Scott Coatsworth

Sam surveyed the glacial lake, blooming green under September’s sun. Some days, he couldn’t believe all of this was his. The Ojibwe had remained stubbornly rooted in their homeland when so many others had been ousted back in the original days of the European colonials and his family had owned this sizeable homestead for generations. He felt honored to be its current custodian.

A century ago, the entire world learned what the Indigenous people had felt all those centuries before: First contact. It certainly hadn’t been as happy as Star Trek would have posited, but the fact, like Shakespeare, that show had remained in the cultural zeitgeist nearly two hundred years later said something for the show. Too bad it hadn’t been accurate where first contact was concerned.

Pre Order link here on Amazon

Blurb –

We’re a world beset by crises. Climate change, income inequality, racism, pandemics, an almost unmanageable tangle of issues. Sometimes it’s hard to look ahead and see a hopeful future.

We asked sci-fi writers to send us stories about ways to fix what’s wrong with the world. From the sixty-five stories we received, we chose twelve most amazing (and hopefully prescient) tales.

Dive in and find out how we might mitigate climate change, make war obsolete, switch to alternative forms of energy, and restructure the very foundations of our society,

The future’s not going to fix itself.

7 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets”

  1. OMG, Jana, I am so sorry to hear about your devastating injury. Best wishes to you for a complete (and as speedy as possible) recovery.

    The title of your short story grabbed my attention right off, and the snippet is intriguing! ❤️

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