Rainbow Snippets

Another week, another time to be almost late. There is good news though. I am starting to write again (original fiction that is. Through my recovery I’ve done an awful lot of fanfic) Also the surgeon said the knee is healing well in spite of all the pain so that’s good.

I’m continuing with These Haunted Hills where in Brendan just found out his cabin is haunted and Josh knew it.

Josh contemplated for a moment how much truth to tell. Given what they had just done, honesty wasn’t just the best policy. It was mandatory. “It’s a little girl. The rumor is that she was here back around the time of the hotel when another set of cabins were in this spot and she drowned in the creek. But it’s probably just the wind. It’s not like she’s manifested before. All though…”

“All though what?”

“Ghosts like energy to help manifest themselves and sex generates a ton of energy,” Josh said slowly thinking about that. He’d never tested that theory before but this was the second time there’d been sexual energy in the air around him and Brendan and something used it to make itself known.

I can’t believe you didn’t tell me it was haunted. You’re rotten.”

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