Rainbow Snippets

I survived the first week of the semester. I’m not sure my sanity did.

Jumping back into it. Aneirin knows he’s about to get a gift he so doesn’t want from his wealthy friends. (still more than 5 sentences)

The feeling of dread spread. He knew what his gift was. He didn’t want it. How foolish could Pherick be? Maybe he was wrong. It could still be something else and he was reading too much into it. “This…” how did he say it without hurting Pherick? He was one of Aneirin’s oldest friends, and he didn’t want to hurt him.

“Here let me get the gift.” Pherick pushed a button and the door to the game room opened. Rioke, Pherick’s majordomo came in. She looked at her employer.

“Ready, sir?”

“Yes, Rioke. Bring in Aneirin’s gift. I know you might think it’s too much,” Pherick said, leaning over to pat Aneirin’s shoulder.

Aneirin heard the hints of doubt in his friend’s voice and Masozi seemed to as well. The man scowled at Pherick and said, “He’ll learn to like it quickly enough.”

The Rainbow Snippet group can be found on Facebook. It’s a fun low-pressure snippet sharing group for LGBTQ+ fiction. Come join us. https://www.facebook.com/groups/RainbowSnippets

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