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I’m juggling exam writing and edits and blurb writing so let me post and run. This is more of These Haunted Hills. I wanted to go out to the hills for winter picture taking but it’s being TOO icy out there. I’ve skipped to Josh’s pov. This phone conversation is happening at the same time roughly as Brendan talking to his ex. Cassia is Josh’s ghost hunting partner and best friend (and yes a little long again.)

“I think I hate you right now.”

“Awww, and yeah you really should. It was amazing, Cass! Poltergeist like tantrums, good audio clips, shadow forms. A freaked out author.” Josh taunted her good-naturedly as he tried to pet both Worf and K’ehleyr at the same time. “Hang on, I have to put you on speaker so I can set the phone down.”

“Their furry majesties demanding all of you again?”

“Always and forever. I hope it’s that active when you can join us. He’s thrilled by the way to have us taking him out investigating.”

“You have no idea how excited I am to meet him!”

Josh snorted then grunted as Worf planted a paw right in his crotch. He swore cats could put all their weight on one paw then triple the force right where they knew it would cause the most discomfort. “I absolutely do.”

“I’m shocked you restrained yourself from helping him check for ticks.” Cass laughed into the phone.

“Hardest moment of the day!” Almost in more ways than one. He couldn’t allow himself to get too worked up about how freaking hot Brendan was. Think about that dumb beard or something. Yeah, not helping. He’d live to regret doing the right thing.

If you’d like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It’s been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It’s been a great supportive group!

Sunday Small Talk


This meme says a lot. I was thinking about the idea of authors helping authors. Today I was part of Ana Newfolk’s release party for Made in Manhattan
Her party had 52 authors spending a half hour with her readers on her FB group, talking about OUR stuff. Now that is authors helping authors. I knew some of the other authors but out of the people who spoke to me I knew one. Will I get some new readers? I have no idea but it certainly couldn’t have hurt.

This is what we need more of, helping each other. I shared her release all over my social media and she allowed me time with her readers. We both benefit and it’s such an easy thing to do.

I try to do this myself. For my part, I at least host people on my blog and share as much as I can.

As for my writing, I’m about done with round two of Modified and Sacred my SF novella with Ninestar Press and the Kiss and Ginger sale went well for me. I’m glad I got to be a part of that.

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Rainbow Snippets

Yikes this week got away from me, mostly doing edits on my SF novella that should be coming out soonish (I’m not quite sure when yet).

I’m prepping for snowmageddon and the upcoming Yeti invasion. Honestly I am a tad worried. My apartment is all electric and it’s raining. That usually equates to broken lines and since I live in the middle of nowhere we’re NOT a priority for getting it fixed. The real worry is it going down to well below freezing tonight. Ah well, I’ll have a ton of prepared food if nothing else.

I was GOING to go hiking in those haunted hills this long weekend but not with the weather like this. I wanted to see the waterfall frozen but I’m betting next weekend it’ll still be frozen and there won’t be inches of fresh ice everywhere I need to put my feet.

More of These Haunted Hills. It’s way more than six lines but I wanted to finish this scene and move on so…

“I heard a fox last night.”

“Really? Do you know what a fox sounds like?”

“Hell no. I thought it was monster. Nearly crapped myself then too but I recorded it. Josh knew what the sounds were. He studies foxes.”

“You didn’t tell him you thought it was a monster did you?”

“No! He laughed anyhow.” His cheeks burned anew. “Then he got all excited which led to the unfortunate need to check our bodies for ticks. I didn’t see any on me but I swear I still feel them crawling.” He shuddered.

“Did you check each other? You said he was cute.”

“How awkward would that have been? Hey we’ve only known each other for a day but do you mind checking my ass for fucking hideous parasites?”

Kristen started laughing. It took her a good thirty seconds to calm down. “Okay but seriously did you ask?”

“No!” But he’d been so tempted. From the way Joshua’s jeans fit, he could see he had a fine ass. That desire stirred up things inside him, none of them good. If this continued maybe he did need to call Dr. Potter and sort himself out. The guilt started to rise again. He could almost hear Kristen saying Connor wouldn’t want them to be alone and miserable their whole lives. Connor loved them. He always wilted some when his parents were visibly hurting. He’d known Joshua for only a couple handfuls of hours so he needed to take stock of the things roiling in his mind. Lust was a bitch.

If you’d like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It’s been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It’s been a great supportive group!

Sunday Small Talk

So I was lucky enough to get in on Dreamspinner’s Kiss a Ginger sale. Temple, one of my three demon hunters in 1930s Pittsburgh is a lovely redheaded bisexual (who sadly has some big trust issues among other things like PTSD not that they had that word for it in 1930). Not only is the sale going well for that one but also for the other Soldiers of the Sun series books. In fact DSP is having a 30% off sale on top of this one so now is a great time to get something of mine!

Here’s the blurb to Soldiers of the Sun (which you can find at that link)

BlurbCaleb Davies and Agni Pradesh are worried about their teammate and lover, Temple Chevalier. Not only has he lost his long-time partner, Fu Li, but he nearly died fighting a demon himself. Also, Temple isn’t sure he’s ready for a new teammate after Li. Caleb and Agni are even more concerned that their three-way relationship with Temple exists less because he loves them and more because he’s hiding from the pain of Li’s loss.

1932 shapes up to be a terrible year for the Soldiers as they welcome the New Year fighting demons and then end up investigating a case that pairs them up with the Knights Templar. This would normally be a good thing, but it forces Temple to face his painful past. Worse yet, the case leads right to Astaroth, a Prince of Hell, who might prove to be an unbeatable foe.

I’ve started looking at some of my finished short stories and novellas as I try to find them homes. The first time I opened the one set in Cassadaga I found it was shorter than I thought but upon reopening it today either I had found a very old version or Word glitched. It’s not 12K but 21K which means it’s long enough for a few things. I might send it off to an anthology looking for summer heat (it is in Florida). Unfortunately the solarpunk anthology is very specifically winter and my story hinges on it being autumn. Ah well, the search continues. The deadwood one is just under 15K

And here’s the thing, I don’t see me expanding them to novella length to sell on their own. I actually DID that with Cassadaga when people were asking for 20K to be the lower limit but now it’s 30K. These stories would probably just end up being bloated and not up to snuff if I tried expanding them (also mentally it’s hard to expand something that feels DONE. So I’m on the lookout for solarpunk, shifter and urban fantasy/paranormal open calls.

I appreciate that DSP has their Christmas open call already up. It’s snowing as I type and that put me in the mood way better than I’d be if this was June like half the holiday open calls are. I think I’ll take another stab at that. Wish me luck.

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Rainbow Snippet

Survived week one of work but still no signs of whether or not I have my sabbatical for next year.

Here’s a little more of my WIP These Haunted Hills It’s more of Brendan’s conversation with his ex, Kristen.

In spite of his protestations about being good, he could still hear the worry and pain in her tone. “I can do that. Besides we might be going ghost hunting at night soon anyhow.”

“I can almost picture you bouncing around like a little boy.”

At that his heart clenched. Kristen went silent, no doubt feeling the same pain. If it was this bad for him he could only guess at the pain she felt losing the son she had sheltered inside her body.

He forced a smile into his voice. “I am. Joshua and I even went looking for foxes in the woods around my cabin.”

She laughed. “You in the woods? I still can’t picture it. What brought that on?”

If you’d like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It’s been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It’s been a great supportive group!

Sunday Small Talk

A few years back I was talking with Shira Anthony at a conference and she said something along the lines of writing contemporary LGBT romances allowed her to write the genre SF/F/UF sorts (I should mention this was an anime con and all of us there are obviously genre fans).

For me this was a few novels ago and didn’t quite have the experience yet to appreciate that statement. I do now, though the reality of it makes me a little sad. For example, Blood Red Roulette (urban fantasy, vampires) took me years, I poured my heart into it. I wish I could say it is selling like gangbusters but it’s not where I’d like it to be (I’m surprised a little by it given the gorgeous cover and that vampires tend to be popular). On the other hand, Purrfect Holiday, my contemporary short story is selling very well.

That statement from the con reverberates in my head. Contemporary romance is what sells. Granted I knew this but it has taken a long while for me to realize just how much better it sells. That’s where my sadness comes in. Unlike some of my genre-loving friends, I don’t also like contemporary fiction much.

There is an old writing chestnut that we’ve all heard of ‘write what you know’ which most of us have changed to ‘write what you love’ (because if you love it, you’ll research it and then you’ll know it). This is where my problem begins. I don’t love contemporary romance so it makes it hard for me.

It’s difficult to write a contemporary romance to give you something in the bank while you write your genre novel when you don’t love it. Short stories are easy enough but to do something longer, you have to love it or it will show.

It’s an uncomfortable feeling for me. I wish I could be easier with writing contemporary fiction, that I could learn to like it more. I’ve tried. I’ve read it by my favorite genre authors but even liking the author hasn’t helped. It’s just not in my field of interest.

So I guess that just leaves me one avenue: to write what I love and to buy and help promote what I love so the other authors who write it can have a little more success of their own.

And maybe from the contemporary shorts I do write, maybe I’ll find readers who will be willing to take a chance on my genres down the road.

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Rainbow Snippets

Now that the holidays are over maybe I won’t be rushing at the last minute to read everyone’s stuff.

Cross your fingers for me. I might get the chance to be on the author panels at the Steampunk Symposium this year. It would be such fun.

I’m picking back up with my WIP because I need to get inspired to finish it. It’s These Haunted Hills which I haven’t shared from since Sept. It’s a paranormal story set near where I live in Ohio. Josh is a professor at a local college studying foxes and is a ghost hunter in his spare time. Brendan is a world famous author who lose his son to cancer and is just now tiptoeing back out into the world and is researching ghost hunting for his new novel.

This is set the evening of Brendan’s first big ghost hunt and he’s checking in with his ex, Kirsten. She’s worried about his mental state (i.e. running off to a cabin in the deep woods). In spite of their break up they remain close friends (they couldn’t make it work after losing their son).

“Brendan, how are you?”

“Pretty fantastic. Josh took me to a haunted hotel, the abandoned one I’m using as the inspiration for the book.”

“You went crawling through an abandoned building? Is that safe?”

“No, I’m sure it’s not but it was a wild ride!” He mixed a load of garlic into his ground meat along with cheddar. “A ghost threw a board at us.”

“Are you high?”

“No, well we shared a bottle of wine but I’m dead serious. We have it on recording, Kristen. It was like the best episode of Ghost Hunter ever!”

The pause on her end stretched a bit too long. “You can’t be serious. Brendan, do we need to set you up to see Dr. Potter again.”

“I don’t need the psychiatrist,” he replied, more crossly than necessary.

“It’s just that you never believed in that sort of thing and now you sound…well over the moon. Really it’s good to hear you this excited but ghosts?”

Brendan could picture her face as she said that. Her face crinkled up in such a cute way. She meant it to be stern but Kristen’s fine features just couldn’t pull it off. “I know, I know but seriously it was such an adrenaline rush. Swear to God, I thought I was going to crap myself when the door slammed shut and wouldn’t open!” He could almost taste his terror again remembering it, shocked that he wanted more of the same, so much more of it.

If you’d like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It’s been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It’s been a great supportive group!