Rainbow Snippets

Since I’m forever running late and I have to get stuff ready for the start of the semester in a day I’m just dropping more of These Haunted Hills and running. Where I left off was with them in Point Pleasant and now Josh is driving Brendan around to explore some of the little towns (sorry this is more than 6 lines) For context Vince is a character in Brendan’s bestselling YA series

As they made the long drive on Route 35, Josh filled him in on the haunts and a bit of town history before turning the conversation back to the Green Tablet.

“Seriously, why did you kill off Vince?”

“Never going to be forgiven,” Brendan muttered. “Originally it was going to be John but killing off a bisexual main character really would have gotten me flak, probably deserved. Besides, Connor wouldn’t have spoken to me ever again.” He touched his pendant again. “He was pretty steamed that Vince died.”

“I’m with your son on that one.”

“Someone had to die. It was part of the curse, remember? If I had wrote around that, it would have been a giant plot hole or a deus ex machina ending and I didn’t want that. So poor Vince died.”

I ugly cried.”

“You said.”

For DAYS.”

“I’m sorry.”

You owe me.” Josh drew the word out.

“A blow job?”

Josh jerked. “Don’t make me wreck.”

Rainbow snippets

I’m running my usual late late late self but this time at least I was out having fun swimming. I can’t believe the semester is about to start and I’m certainly not ready for it. I hope my students will be willing to help out in lab since I’m still not walking very well.

In better news I’m actually starting to write again (original stuff, been noodling fanfic all year since it doesn’t take that much for me to do that). I hope to have a near-future SF done soon. Even wrote a little horror last month.

I’m continuing with These Haunted Hills here

“Every time I turn around, you have me in the woods,” Brendan said eying the overgrown entrance way to one of the igloos on the old TNT works in Point Pleasant. He had no real hopes of seeing the Mothman. Ghosts he’d come to accept but he really didn’t buy into cryptids.

“Well, we do have a lot of them here.” Josh turned on his flashlight and gestured to the door. “After you.”

Brendan didn’t know what to expect but it hadn’t been a relatively boring igloo of graffiti covered concrete.

What are we supposed to do here exactly?”

Take a couple pictures, get out before someone creepy shows up and say ‘hey I braved the Mothman.” Josh smirked.

I see and I couldn’t have done that with the statue selfie from the town square?”

Josh shook his head. “That’s for tourists. This is the real thing.”

rainbow snippets

I’m just going to jump into These Haunted HIlls and finish the scene I’ve been teasing the last few weeks since it’s after midnight already.

Brendan huffed. “Do you know any non-haunted hotel rooms where I can do debauched things to you in peace?”

Not off the top of my head but I’m an excellent researcher when motivated.” Josh grinned.

Something tells me you’re highly motivated.”

Josh settled his head against Brendan’s chest. “So damn motivated.”

If the ghost returned, Josh didn’t know it. He tumbled right back into a deep sleep.