Rainbow snippets

I’m running my usual late late late self but this time at least I was out having fun swimming. I can’t believe the semester is about to start and I’m certainly not ready for it. I hope my students will be willing to help out in lab since I’m still not walking very well.

In better news I’m actually starting to write again (original stuff, been noodling fanfic all year since it doesn’t take that much for me to do that). I hope to have a near-future SF done soon. Even wrote a little horror last month.

I’m continuing with These Haunted Hills here

“Every time I turn around, you have me in the woods,” Brendan said eying the overgrown entrance way to one of the igloos on the old TNT works in Point Pleasant. He had no real hopes of seeing the Mothman. Ghosts he’d come to accept but he really didn’t buy into cryptids.

“Well, we do have a lot of them here.” Josh turned on his flashlight and gestured to the door. “After you.”

Brendan didn’t know what to expect but it hadn’t been a relatively boring igloo of graffiti covered concrete.

What are we supposed to do here exactly?”

Take a couple pictures, get out before someone creepy shows up and say ‘hey I braved the Mothman.” Josh smirked.

I see and I couldn’t have done that with the statue selfie from the town square?”

Josh shook his head. “That’s for tourists. This is the real thing.”

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