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Rainbow Snippet

I’m still failing to get much content here (or to actually edit this story) but I’m being pretty gentle with myself about it given everything that happened this year.

So have more of Cass and Josh talking about his relationship with Brendan. from These Haunted Hills

“Have you slept with him?”

Josh choked on the pancake. “Cass! What kind of question is that?”

A nosy one. It’s not like I’m asking for details unless you want to give me some.” She grinned.

“I most definitely am not other than yes I have slept with him.” He snagged some of the sushi. “And than his beard was itchy when we kissed and I’m glad he shaved it off.”

“He shaved? Good.”

“Yes, I know how you feel about men with beards.”

It doesn’t stop you from trying to grow on every hunting season,” she replied. “You end up looking like a goat.”

“A goat?” He pouted at her, hamming up the hurt.


Rainbow Snippet

Have a little more of These Haunted Hills as I carve three seconds out of my day to actually post (why so busy?) Josh is talking to his BFF Cass about being with Brendan

Maybe he should have waited until dinner was over. His stomach soured, and his throat tightened. “It’s very complicated. He still is so conflicted about moving forward without his son.” He let the spoon go. “He wants to be happy and then he feels guilty when he is. I wish I could make it easier for him but there really isn’t much I can do other than to be there for him and let him move at his own pace.”

Cassia put her hand on his knee. “That’s very understanding of you.”

“I’m trying but this is all new territory for me. I mean, he’s older, he’s in pain like nothing I’ve ever known and all of my boyfriends before this have been well…normal, you know? I feel a little like I’m walking on eggshells, but I knew that it wouldn’t be easy. I can’t blame him for that. I went into it eyes open.”

“Are you happy, Josh? Some people can’t be saved. I don’t want you to get your heart broken bashing it against a stone wall you can’t ever punch your way through.”

Rainbow Snippets

I am beyond awful at updating but I will not be breaking that right now as nano is awaiting. Have a little more of These Haunted Hills. Josh is talking over upcoming paranormal investigations with his BFF Cassia and he has to tell her about Brendan only it’s not as easy as he’d like.

Once they were settled on the couch and Spock was up on the screen trying to explain that Sarek was his father, Josh tried to work up his nerve for his own awkward conversation. Hopefully Cassia would take is it as well as Kirk with less over acting.

“Okay, I did do something.”

“No, shit? Really? I can’t believe it!” She popped a pick of Pikachu in her mouth.

Okay so much for less over acting. “Well, not something, more like someone.”

She stopped mid-chew and hard swallowed the chuck of soybean wrapped fish and rice. “What?”

“Brendan and I are in a relationship,” he said slowly, poking a swirl of egg drop through the rich hot and sour soup. “I think at any rate.”

“Can you say that again? How do you not know?”

Rainbow Snippet

Squeaking this in at the last minute as I battle deadlines. Happy Halloween everyone. Have a little more of my ghostly story These Haunted Hills

Josh blushed. “Sorry. I’m used to talking with people who’ve ghost hunted before. I don’t want to get into lecture mode because people don’t seem to like that.”

“If it comes down to me getting slapped by an angry ghost, feel free to lecture.”

Noted. Another kiss is out of the question?”

“Probably unless you want to start something you won’t want to finish here.”

Josh laughed. “No, definitely no outdoor sex. I don’t find it sexy, not when you think about twigs jamming sensitive spots and ticks.”

And on that note, I’m ready to head back to the car. Or at least that little beach.”

Josh took his hand. “Your wish is my command.”

Rainbow Snippets

A drive by posting for this. I’ve been so insanely busy that I haven’t been able to keep up with editing this story which is driving me nuts. So here is more of These Haunted Hills. The guys are at Lake Alma on a little island in the middle of the lake

Famous last words. Brendan wasn’t sure that he’d ever have Josh’s capacity for wandering the woods. He was a little bit bored. Josh wasn’t lying when he said there wasn’t much left out on the island. He couldn’t picture any of the things Josh had said was out there. It was all just trees now. “There doesn’t seem to be much left.”

“Not at all. We probably won’t see anything by eye.” Josh shrugged. “I thought you’d just enjoy seeing the locale. There is a little bit of history to be found online about this place if you wanted things contemporary to your own fictional hotel.”

Yeah, glad we came out here. Pretty isolated,” Brendan said.

A little.” Josh closed the distance between them. He slipped his arms around Brendan, drawing him in for a kiss.

Tender and slow the kiss drove all thoughts of the woods being boring from his mind. “What if the ghosts mind?” he asked afterwards.

Josh took a step back. “That’s a concern, actually. Something I should have remembered at the hotel. They can feed on strong emotion. They’re not known to be violent out here. We might want to behave at the hotel.?

“You and I need to sit down and talk about this habit of yours of telling me pertinent info after the fact.”