Rainbow Snippets

I’m not even going to pretend I have anything insight to say here. I’ve been working my butt off between PT and readying for the fall semester so let me just leap right back into These Haunted Hills. Brendan has just found out the cabin is haunted

Josh pouted. “If I told you, I might have set up preconceived notions and you could have imagined things that aren’t there or you could have been angry when nothing happened. I thought it best to let you experience things raw for yourself.”

“How am I supposed to sleep now?”

“Just like you’ve always done without any problems. Or…” Josh wrapped an arm around Brendan. “With a big strong ghost hunter at your side.”

Brendan caressed Josh’s shoulder. “I like that idea though I’m not sure I can have sex here with a ghost watching.”

Guess you’ll have to come to my place. All though…”

“Let me guess that farm house is haunted too.”

Rainbow Snippets

Another week, another time to be almost late. There is good news though. I am starting to write again (original fiction that is. Through my recovery I’ve done an awful lot of fanfic) Also the surgeon said the knee is healing well in spite of all the pain so that’s good.

I’m continuing with These Haunted Hills where in Brendan just found out his cabin is haunted and Josh knew it.

Josh contemplated for a moment how much truth to tell. Given what they had just done, honesty wasn’t just the best policy. It was mandatory. “It’s a little girl. The rumor is that she was here back around the time of the hotel when another set of cabins were in this spot and she drowned in the creek. But it’s probably just the wind. It’s not like she’s manifested before. All though…”

“All though what?”

“Ghosts like energy to help manifest themselves and sex generates a ton of energy,” Josh said slowly thinking about that. He’d never tested that theory before but this was the second time there’d been sexual energy in the air around him and Brendan and something used it to make itself known.

I can’t believe you didn’t tell me it was haunted. You’re rotten.”

Rainbow snippets

My outpatient physical therapy is going well. I’m getting able to walk with a cane. That said I managed to kick my cane, broke a toe and nearly fell again. Sigh. Also dealing with the depression of losing a favorite tv show to early cancelation (thanks for nothing Fox) and the campaign to save it looking doomed. Probably wouldn’t have bugged me but this year has been SO hard.

I’m picking up with These Haunted Hills. Brendan and Josh had been woken up by foxes during their first night together. Back in bed, there are new strange sounds.

“Was that a fox?” Brendan asked dubiously then added when Josh shook his head, “the wind?”


“You’re lying.” Brendan propped himself up on one elbow, letting go of Josh’s hand. “You’re not good at it.”

“How can you tell? I said one word. You’re just sleepy.” Josh nudged him.

“Not so sleepy I can’t tell you’re avoiding the question,” Brendan said as the eerie sound echoed again. “Wind, right? Please wind? Oh my god! Did you rent me a haunted cabin?”

Would I do that?” Josh aimed for innocent Boy Scout with his tone.

Brendan snorted. “I distinctly remember you saying Mr. Halloran I have the perfect cabin for you and the landlord is willing to rent it for a month since it’s still off season.”

“Yes, that sounds about right.”

“Did you rent me a haunted cabin?”

“You wanted to immerse yourself with ghost hunting.”

“Oh my fucking god!” Brendan flopped back on the bed. “You’re unbelievable.”

“Hey, have you noticed her before?”

“Her? So you know who it is?”

Rainbow Snippets

Wow, I will never be on time with these this year but given everything that happens I can be soft with myself about it.

I’m going to dive right back into These Haunted Hills. We left off with Josh outside Brendan’s cabin after a noise woke him up.

He could just make out how bleary eyed Brendan looked in the silvery light washing down from above. “Sorry, I was hoping I didn’t wake you.”

“What are you doing out here?” Brendan rubbed his face, still obviously mostly asleep, standing there barefooted in his boxers.

Josh pressed his fingers to his lips then inclined his head toward the woods. He hoped to hear another cry or some gekkering but there was nothing but the relentless sounds of night insects. He shrugged and joined Brendan at the door. “I heard something.

“Sasquatch?” Brendan grinned.

“Absolutely.” Josh took his hand and guided Brendan back inside. “Partying with the Mothman.”

“I could almost believe you.” Brendan yawned then tugged Josh toward the stairs to the loft. “Foxes?”

“Yeah. They woke me up.” He tugged his boots back off before attempting the stairs.

Once in the loft they fell back into bed again, too exhausted for anything but lying there. Josh pulled the covers up over them then took Brendan’s hand again interlocking their fingers.

“I am sorry if I woke you.”

Brendan kissed him. “No worries.”

Another sound whispered along the roofline. Josh stared up at the ceiling, feeling Brendan shifting next to him.

“Was that a fox?” Brendan asked dubiously then added when Josh shook his head, “the wind?”