Rainbow Snippets

I’m not even going to pretend I have anything insight to say here. I’ve been working my butt off between PT and readying for the fall semester so let me just leap right back into These Haunted Hills. Brendan has just found out the cabin is haunted

Josh pouted. “If I told you, I might have set up preconceived notions and you could have imagined things that aren’t there or you could have been angry when nothing happened. I thought it best to let you experience things raw for yourself.”

“How am I supposed to sleep now?”

“Just like you’ve always done without any problems. Or…” Josh wrapped an arm around Brendan. “With a big strong ghost hunter at your side.”

Brendan caressed Josh’s shoulder. “I like that idea though I’m not sure I can have sex here with a ghost watching.”

Guess you’ll have to come to my place. All though…”

“Let me guess that farm house is haunted too.”

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