Rainbow snippets

My outpatient physical therapy is going well. I’m getting able to walk with a cane. That said I managed to kick my cane, broke a toe and nearly fell again. Sigh. Also dealing with the depression of losing a favorite tv show to early cancelation (thanks for nothing Fox) and the campaign to save it looking doomed. Probably wouldn’t have bugged me but this year has been SO hard.

I’m picking up with These Haunted Hills. Brendan and Josh had been woken up by foxes during their first night together. Back in bed, there are new strange sounds.

“Was that a fox?” Brendan asked dubiously then added when Josh shook his head, “the wind?”


“You’re lying.” Brendan propped himself up on one elbow, letting go of Josh’s hand. “You’re not good at it.”

“How can you tell? I said one word. You’re just sleepy.” Josh nudged him.

“Not so sleepy I can’t tell you’re avoiding the question,” Brendan said as the eerie sound echoed again. “Wind, right? Please wind? Oh my god! Did you rent me a haunted cabin?”

Would I do that?” Josh aimed for innocent Boy Scout with his tone.

Brendan snorted. “I distinctly remember you saying Mr. Halloran I have the perfect cabin for you and the landlord is willing to rent it for a month since it’s still off season.”

“Yes, that sounds about right.”

“Did you rent me a haunted cabin?”

“You wanted to immerse yourself with ghost hunting.”

“Oh my fucking god!” Brendan flopped back on the bed. “You’re unbelievable.”

“Hey, have you noticed her before?”

“Her? So you know who it is?”

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