Rainbow Snippets

Wow, I will never be on time with these this year but given everything that happens I can be soft with myself about it.

I’m going to dive right back into These Haunted Hills. We left off with Josh outside Brendan’s cabin after a noise woke him up.

He could just make out how bleary eyed Brendan looked in the silvery light washing down from above. “Sorry, I was hoping I didn’t wake you.”

“What are you doing out here?” Brendan rubbed his face, still obviously mostly asleep, standing there barefooted in his boxers.

Josh pressed his fingers to his lips then inclined his head toward the woods. He hoped to hear another cry or some gekkering but there was nothing but the relentless sounds of night insects. He shrugged and joined Brendan at the door. “I heard something.

“Sasquatch?” Brendan grinned.

“Absolutely.” Josh took his hand and guided Brendan back inside. “Partying with the Mothman.”

“I could almost believe you.” Brendan yawned then tugged Josh toward the stairs to the loft. “Foxes?”

“Yeah. They woke me up.” He tugged his boots back off before attempting the stairs.

Once in the loft they fell back into bed again, too exhausted for anything but lying there. Josh pulled the covers up over them then took Brendan’s hand again interlocking their fingers.

“I am sorry if I woke you.”

Brendan kissed him. “No worries.”

Another sound whispered along the roofline. Josh stared up at the ceiling, feeling Brendan shifting next to him.

“Was that a fox?” Brendan asked dubiously then added when Josh shook his head, “the wind?”

9 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets”

  1. Well, if the sound is “whispering” along the rooftop it isn’t a squirrel. They sounds like elephants at a bowling lane.

    Sweet snippet and now I want to know what’s on the roof.

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