Rainbow snippets

Running very late. You wouldn’t think someone trapped at home from her injuries for months would constantly be out of time but here we are. So I’ll just dive right back into These Haunted Hills.

Brendan and Josh have had their first night together. Josh heard a noise outside so he went to investigate.

At one point he and Brendan had crawled out the bed and put on pants so they could whip up a midnight snack without singing anything important. Josh tiptoed into the bathroom to grab his boots then eased his way out the front door. Sitting on the porch, he jammed on his boots. He resisted the temptation to get the flashlight out of the truck.

There it was again, the cry of a fox. He ached to actually go out there and seem them in person but it would be disruptive. Josh knew he’d have to rely on the cameras of give him what he needed. Besides, his legs were still nicely jellied from all the fun earlier in the evening. Above him the moon was beginning to set and soon enough false dawn would paint the sky in grays.

Hearing the soft creak of the door behind him, Josh whipped around

6 thoughts on “Rainbow snippets”

  1. I hope it’s Brendan, too! (And I was right! It was foxes!)

    (Editing note: I think you mean without singeing anything important? I was thrown for a minute trying to figure out what singing had to do with pants and midnight snacks.)


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