Rainbow Snippet

So I turned another year older this week with very little fanfare. My knee is being even slower to heal than I would have hoped and I’m feeling worn out. So without much delay have a bit more of These Haunted Hills.

I’ve skipped over the shower scene which went as most would have guessed, leading to them having a little shower fun. I skipped it because it’s not where I’d like it to be so have a little of the after glow.

Josh woke up momentarily disoriented. He’d been having the world’s best dream. What had awoken him? He strained to hear but only detected someone breathing soft and slow next to him. so that really happened. Of course he’d known it was real but the reality seemed so impossible, he couldn’t wrap his head around it. He’d slept with Brendan. Holy shit!

A cry in the night reached his ears, muffled by the cabin walls. So that’s what had awoken him. Josh grinned. Wide awake now and not wanting to disturb Brendan, Josh rolled out of bed. He hunted up his jeans and pulled them up sans boxers which were god knows where. Maybe still in the bathroom with his shoes.

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