The Darkest Midnight in December


Blurb The year is 1930, and something is hunting infants and young couples in Economy Village, PA. When a local priest begins to suspect a demon may be the culprit, the sheriff calls in a team of Soldiers from the Sun.

Caleb, Agni, Temple, and Li specialize in demon hunting, but they can’t rule out an old religious sect as the true culprit. Prejudice, distraught parents, and angry townspeople don’t make the team’s job any easier. And if something goes wrong, they’re on their own, because by the time their backup arrives, it will be too late.

ISBN-13: 978-1-61372-518-4
Pages: 72
Cover Artist:  Shobana Appavu

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Rainbow Snippets

Made it back from spring break. I spent it in Indiana with a friend (yeah I know, we didn’t exactly pick the right spring break place). New Harmony might be good for a story or two though.

Picking right up with where last week left off in These Haunted Hills. Josh and Brendan are in the woods putting up cameras so Josh can monitor fox activity.

Joshua gave it (the camera) to him then started climbing the tree. Brendan couldn’t help watching his muscles bunch and unfurl as he pulled himself up. Those jeans fit him as perfectly as a tailored suit, only more suited to Josh. His ass as he braced himself in the branches provided Brendan the largest temptation he’d had in years. Okay, so I am ready to be attracted to someone. It’s not fair though, not to him. I’ll leave, go back home and we’ll both get hurt.

If you’d like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It’s been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It’s been a great supportive group!

Sunday Small Talk

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Call it a mix of depression and not really having much to report. I’ve only written 7K words since the beginning of the year. It’s better than nothing but it’s not much.

Modified and Sacred should be releasing in about seven weeks. I’m still waiting for final galley edits and the cover. Looking forward to that.

I am almost finished with revamping a novella for an open call and I’m noodling with some holiday fiction.

I’ll receive the rights back to More Than His Scars which is set in the Kept Tears universe. It was written for Dreamspinner’s Love Wins anthology to help benefit the victims of the Pulse shooting. Not sure what I’ll do with that short story once I have it back. Maybe noodle with it a bit and release it for charity again in the winter months.

And have a crap ton of writing links

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Planning Super Light Stories Know what? I’m glad there’s a pushback against grimdark and dystopia because it’s getting harder and harder to find stuff in some of my favorite genres because of it

Six Common Mistakes in Fight Scenes, and How to Avoid Them Excellent. I’m going to add ‘keep them relatively short.’ Seriously. Even in manga/graphic novels it gets dull.

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the element everything in your story needs

My friend has also been sending me pintrest stuff, some are like these, checklist for things to do. Others that I might start sharing are story ideas/prompt (though part of me is worried I’d run with it and someone would be like you stole my idea….) Oh and since these are pictures, just click on them to embiggen them.

70 world building considerations

writing the villain

Ways to create book titles

And from around the web

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Rainbow Snippets

Another rough week leading into spring break that I have little enthusiasm for. At lest I’ll get to do some traveling.

I’m still in the Hocking Hills this week picking up with Brendan and Josh where we left off last week with These Haunted Hill and they’re going out into the woods after foxes but now Brendan has brought up Bigfoot and Josh is teasing him.

“They smell really bad. And they like to make nests, usually a few large tree branches or fallen trees and leaves, you know, like that snaggle over there.” Joshua swept his arm toward the west.

Sure enough there were three large branches snarled together and covered with leaves and bits of dried undergrowth. It certainly could be a nest. “Are you messing with me?”

Joshua chuckled. “Yeah. I’m an ass sometimes.”

“I hope you aren’t waiting for me to disagree.”

Joshua laughed harder. Brendan couldn’t be mad at him. He’d probably do the same in Josh’s shoes. Josh came to a stop near that big tree he had pointed out the last time they were in the woods. “I’m going to put one up here. It’ll have a good view of the area.”

If you’d like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It’s been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It’s been a great supportive group!