Sunday Small Talk

I knew the writing might fall off a bit once I got back home with the parents. And of course it was my birthday this week and father’s day so not a lot of writing got done.

Speaking of which Happy Father’s Day!

 photo fathers day_zpshhujlm5e.jpg

I did write a poem for the Love is Love’s poetry anthology for one of the many writing charities to help the victims of the attack at the Pulse. I’m not usually much of a poet but hopefully I came up with something worthy of being part of it.

I do want to try a couple short stories too. I’m not sure I’ll have time for one of them unless I can muster some writing time and inspiration. I have the story. It formed in my head in the drive to Pittsburgh. I just need uninterrupted time. I’ll definitely have time for DSP’s so I’ll be working on one with Aaron & Rhys from Kept Tears.

I did hear back from DSP on Blood Red Roulette and it was disappointing news on one hand but hopeful on the other. They offered up many suggestions and asked for it back once I made the changes. I have to admit, they were all things that I was afraid of when I sent it in. If you go back several weeks you’ll see me listing them out here. Once I knock out these charity stories, I’ll get back to this (well maybe after camp nano). This story is too important to me not to try again.

Still no news on Corpse Powder and the weird west anthology.

Still contemplating trying that Dreamspun Desire, once I pick myself back up off the ground (I got the rejection on my birthday so yeah, a bit down but it’s only a failure if I don’t try again.)

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