Sunday Small Talk

I missed last week’s small talk because it was the Fourth of July weekend and I was at my uncle’s lake house. It was very nice. If my aunt isn’t acting up (and she was mostly good this time) I love being on the lake. If I had a dream house, it would be on a lake.

Also I didn’t have much to report last week. I don’t have terribly much to say this week either but the most important of which is that the Love is Love anthology is out, click here for more info. All sales go to support the victims of the Pulse shooting. I’ll be back later to put up the paperback links too.

I’ve been working very slowly on fixing Cassadaga Nights (novella) and my charity story featuring Aaron and Rhys. It’s hard to write being at the parents’ house and I’m also working on a scientific paper. The hardest part of that is nearly done. Thank god. It’s not fun to write, important yes, but not fun. Doing the research was much more enjoyable but this is necessary stuff to write.

I would like to get one more scene to flesh out Ryan in Cassadaga Nights. Hopefully it will be decent. I had to cut too much out of it when I submitted it as a short story.

I’m trying to keep Aaron’s story relatively short. I am setting part of it at Kennywood Park (a must see historic amusement park if you’re in the Pittsburgh area) but I haven’t been there in years (and no one wants to go with me now). Sadly the rides on the website might not be accurate. Bah.

I also got some clarification for Blood Red as well. Once I get back to OH, I’ll dig into that. I don’t know if I can finish it by the end of the year or not but I really hope so. Wish me luck.

As for camp nano, I’m at 5K so halfway to my very low goal (it’s hard to set higher ones when I’m traveling).

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