Sunday Small Talk

This will be relatively short as the pall of depression is still draped over me and there won’t be one next week because I should be walking along the Oregon coast. If nothing else, here’s hoping the trip to Portland will fire the imagination.

I finished Camp Nano with a combo of my Cassadaga story expansion and the charity story. I am happy that I did get 10K worth of new words. I am less than thrilled that I finished neither. I HAVE only a few more weeks to finish botht he charity story and the SF one for To Infinity and Beyond. It’s looking unlikely I’ll finish on time (which I’m not going to whip myself over. SF anthologies are fairly common so I’ll find a place for it).

And I did finish up my edits for Corpse Powder. They were all minor, mostly cosmetic and some clean up of places that were confusing after I had ripped out the 5K to make word count and removed scenes other scenes were referring to. oops.

2016 has been a very slow slog forward but I’m still making it.

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