Rainbow Snippets

Yesterday we had a wonderful break from the heat (probably at the expense of all those being plagued by hurricanes, hope everyone is safe). Before Labor Day is over, it’ll be back up to a Floridianesque 95 degrees reminding me of why I fled Florida in the first place. I’ll be spending Labor Day laboring away on a SF short with an incredibly close deadline.

In the meantime let’s go back to Cassadaga FL where the telekinetic, Santino has just asked the psychic, Ryan out for coffee so they can get to know each other better.

Santino would have to keep this first talk a bit general since there were a couple people within earshot but it wasn’t like he could invite Ryan to his home or out for a walk or something. Cassadaga wasn’t made for easy walking with few sidewalks and rutted sugar sand streets in many areas. He didn’t want to say ‘hey, let’s go for a walk in Colby Park.’ Who took a stranger into a sub-tropical jungle in the heat of the day? Serial killers, probably. On the other hand, he couldn’t just segue into ‘want to join a group of psychics, mages, and those who hunt the wicked supernatural creatures?’ in public. Well, he wouldn’t have wanted to breech that can of supernatural weirdness in their first conversation anyhow.

If you’d like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It’s been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It’s been a great supportive group!

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