Sunday Small Talk

I missed it last week in order to finish Modified & Sacred (the absolutely terrible title I slapped on my Sf story out of pure desperation after like 40 minutes of pain trying to come up with something better.) It went out to the anthology. Here’s hoping.

If nothing else, it’s about 800 words from being a full on novella so if it doesn’t make the anthology, I have very little to do to expand it and try it that way.

My story with Aaron and Rhys (and the crew) from Kept Tears will be in DSP’s Love wins anthology and all the proceeds will go to a charity for the Pulse shooting victims. That makes me very happy.

Soonish, I think I’ll be able to share the cover of Once Upon a Time in the Weird West. There’ll be a big ta-doo for it. I’m looking forward to it (and I’m sure you’ll love the cover). It’s due out in December (as is Love wins).

And I’m one or two paragraphs away from finishing Cassadaga Nights expansion into a novella. It might get done tonight (well if I stop watching Star Trek but since Amok Time, Mirror Mirror & Trouble with Tribbles are on back to back maybe not). I am thinking of just calling it Cassadaga. I don’t like the title and I think the ‘nights’ part of it is half of what’s bugging me. I’ll wing it at my first readers and go from there. I have a couple places in mind to try it.

Now that that’s done, I’m not sure how much new writing I’m going to be doing in the next few months (so maybe this weekly post will go bi-weekly). What I’m mostly going to be doing is revising Blood Red Roulette. If I don’t start that soon I will not get it done. I don’t want that to happen. I’m over being disappointed and that’s the time to get to work before I set it aside and go onto something new and shiny.

And my nano isn’t going to be in this genre this year. It has been the last two years and I promised myself to alternate it every other year so I’m overdue on that.

However, I will still be occasionally noodling around on Behind Blue Eyes and with the contemporary story which I could have sworn I started but a thorough search of my files on both computers and all flash drives showed up nothing, not even the name file and I KNOW I did that. I’ll search the tag for these posts next. Maybe I just wrote up the notes.

So nearly three finished in the last two weeks, that’s good, right?

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