Sunday Small Talk

I’ve been doing a write every day in September challenge and on one hand it is working.I am writing. On the other hand it’s usually about 200 words a day which is pretty sad.

To be fair to myself, I did have to make three exams (and grade one, the other two will be this week) and I was busy editing Cassadaga Nights. I hope to send it off in a day or two.

I’ve also edited through the first three chapters of Blood Red Roulette and found many of the suggested changes already done on the opening chapters so maybe it’s later that I forgot to carry them through? I’m not sure. I guess I’ll see as I go. I have cleaned up some of the opening stuff that was still, sadly repetitive, as a function of so much time taken in the original writing.

In my small progresses this week were both Behind Blue Eyes which won’t be happy until it’s four books long or something and I started the contemporary romance that I was challenged to try and write for Dreamspun Desires. We’ll see how it goes.

And this weekend was bad for writing between my steampunk adventures and the mothman festival but good for inspiration. I still want to revisit Aaron and Rhys in a long work and they do love their steampunk

(so do I)  photo 20160917_124909_zpsslalrj9g.jpg

I’ve also long wanted to use the Mothman Festival as a backdrop. I need the right urban fantasy anthology.

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