Sunday Small Talk

It’ll be a very short post this week because I’ve not accomplished much this week at all.

Nothing of the SCi-Fi short story or Cassadaga fronts. It’s a bit early for the latter anyhow.

I do have the edits for More Than His Scars which were easy to accomplish other that the flagrant forgetting of this little thing called a comma. The editor must hate me. I KNOW there is something else I wanted to add to this story just a wee bit here and there but can’t remember it. I’m going to really reread it tomorrow and see if I can remember (I think it has to do with magic which is NOT a big part of this story at all as I wanted it to be about Aaron and his all too human suffering.)

I did some research for the anime con based story by going to Tsubasacon, yeah that’s it, research. It was fun but yeah it’s not quite what I needed for this story which is partially set at the Hard Rock in Vegas where I’ve never been. Now that might call for a research trip.

I did find out more about how to play with stuff on my website so once I can breathe again and surface from the 1001 obligations I will start working on that.

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