Sunday Small Talk

A very short one this week since I have accomplished next to nothing. I’ve been out playing around and plotting my nano (which will under my other pen name). I was at a Halloween party until after midnight last night and at the renn fest all day.

In fact I heard something there that I have to use in a story. An artist was telling someone about a friend who thought her house was haunted and one of the things that happened was when they moved in there was a fire pit out back. In it, they found dozens of half burned photos and negatives including one of a little girl with half her face burned away (which he then hid in her bathroom as a prank).

I did get the first scene of mySpook_me story started so that’s something.

And the rights of my short story Ghost of Jupiter have reverted back to me as the pirate anthology Cross Bones is going out of print. I always did want to do more with that universe some day.

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