Sunday Small Talk

Very small this time as I have tendonitis in my left hand (my good hand) so badly I can barely use it. I need to get it under control asap.

I didn’t do much writing because I had a lot of RL stuff to do in the evening hours which is my writing time. That said I also went festivaling and spent tons of money and had fun and got writing ideas especially after last night’s jaunt into a haunted railroad tunnel in a ghost town in the middle of a forest.

I got back the second edits on More than His Scars that I need to get my butt moving on.

I’ve also signed the paperwork to get my rights back on Ghosts of Jupiter as the Cross bones anthology is going OOP as I mentioned last week.

Speaking of reversions, I think I’ll be taking back Cassadaga right now as that publishing house’s driving force is having health issues and everything is on hiatus (understandable). I will leave Modified and Sacred there for now as I have no other anthology for it any how. That seems fair to me.

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