Rainbow Snippets

Ugh I lost internet for days last week so I didn’t get through everyone’s sorry. I’ll try to go back. And now I’m off to visit a haunted abandoned casino/amusement park nearby that was from the early nineteen hundreds.

And since it IS Halloween time how about something from my demon hunters, Temple, Caleb & Agni? (Hey, it’s on sale, and yes it is m/m/m). It’s the 1930s and everyone knows demons and other supernatural creatures are real and they depend on groups like the Soldiers of the Sun to stop them. (It’s also my biggest marketing blunder as the other two in the series are shorter works, making the novel technically #3. They are entirely stand alone so….) In this scene the gentlemen have just met Temple’s new partner, Jo who happens to be related to their General (who knows Temple is bisexual and so long as any soldier keeps their love life quiet, he doesn’t much care what they do behind closed doors). I’m over by two sentences. Sorry.

And oh, for Halloween here’s the symbol of the demon they have to fight in this book. 220px-Astaroth.svg

“He said he was going to castrate me if I touched his niece!” Temple blurted out as his partners nearly doubled over, laughing at him. “I can’t believe that he partnered me with a bird,” he moaned.

“I can’t either. We all know what you’re like. You’re going to look stupid neutered,” Caleb wagged his head.

“He will get fat and doughy. With his coloration he will look like a plump snowman with a bloody head,” Agni said, rubbing his chin.

“I’m ignoring you.” Temple sighed. “A girl…. This is never going to work.”

Blurb : Caleb Davies and Agni Pradesh are worried about their teammate and lover, Temple Chevalier. Not only has he lost his long-time partner, Fu Li, but he nearly died fighting a demon himself. Also, Temple isn’t sure he’s ready for a new teammate after Li. Caleb and Agni are even more concerned that their three-way relationship with Temple exists less because he loves them and more because he’s hiding from the pain of Li’s loss.

1932 shapes up to be a terrible year for the Soldiers as they welcome the New Year fighting demons and then end up investigating a case that pairs them up with the Knights Templar. This would normally be a good thing, but it forces Temple to face his painful past. Worse yet, the case leads right to Astaroth, a Prince of Hell, who might prove to be an unbeatable foe.

Find it here.

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