Sunday Small Talk

Just another quick post because outside of nano I’m not doing a darned thing! I am however, almost done with nano. I wouldn’t have guessed that a week ago. I wasn’t doing so good.

And I wanted to put a few things in writing so to speak about the ideas that came to me driving back from Pittsburgh after the holiday (which was thankfully politics free which I didn’t bet on as many of my family are conservatives). I knew that the ending had to have the villains getting Cam back because that’s sort of the plot of the whole book. I didn’t, however, want to do what SO MANY books do: have the protagonist do something stupid and the bad guys put him in danger. I loathe that so much.

So it occurred to me there had to be a traitor that helps the villains out. That way the protagonist doesn’t look like a dumb ass and I get the dangerous ending I need.

Now of course I have to go retcon the whole beginning to create that character. And I decided it needs to be one of the guards for the prince. That way I can move Nerium into his position since her role could be eliminated at this point since I changed the outline radically from what I envisioned in October. For that matter, I better find out something better to do with Prince Malas’s sister, Ceras because her part is so small and insignificant that I could eliminate her without losing a thing which is never good.

Here’s hoping to be finished in the next few days as that’s all I have!

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