Sunday Small Talk

One weekend I’ll have time to actually compose something intelligible but that weekend is not this one. I’m still prepping for finals week.

 photo NaNoWriMo_2016_WebBadge_Winner_zpsbejca6fb.png

I did win nano! Huzzah. It’s not actually for publishing under this pen name and it’s not nearly finish but it’s a good start. It has some issues I need to work out but that’s what 2017 is for.

I’ll be picking up editing of Blood Red Roulette again. Sadly in the month of writing nano I forgot some of the changes I’ve made and need to reread the first 7 chapters again. The problem is, I’ve read that so many times I’m not sure I can without losing my mind.

I also want to start writing Behind Blue Eyes too and I have a couple story ideas knocking around in my head like a steampunk Christmas story for next year and I’m still going to try to do a contemporary if it kills me and it just might.

I did write Wayward Ink to retract Cassadaga Nights, haven’t heard back but I think with all that’s going on I’m not really expecting too. I think I know where to send it next.

I need to go back over Queer Sci-Fi’s workshop FB page because there was a question that had a lot of possible publishers I want to bookmark. There was one that was looking for nerdy short stories and I do have one. I printed that out for editing since it’s been a few years.

Also I’m going to try and take part in a weekly blogging challenge on Wednesdays so maybe there’ll be more interesting content soon enough.

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