Sunday Small Talk

Happy New Year and welcome to the first Sunday Small Talk of 2017. It’s been a couple of weeks but the last two sundays were holidays and let’s be honest, I haven’t been doing much because of those said holidays.

For the last month, I took a small vacation from writing professionally because I use December to write fanfic for friends for the holidays. I suppose some will argue that it’s a waste of my time but I mentioned on Queer SciFi when the question was asked ‘how do you recharge your muse’ the answer is I write fanfic. I DO find it recharging but I get to take a break from some of the harder parts of writing (world building, character creation) and just let the words flow.

So I’m looking at 2017 and trying to be better about my time. I need to get an ecalendar that emails me because I keep missing things I should be doing.

Nine Stars rejected Cassadaga Nights but were thoughtful enough to tell me what they thought did and didn’t work and the didn’t was something I had been worrying about so it’s back with my first readers for opinions on how to change it.

Once I get Blood Red Roulette revamped (and god is this a bear!) I want to a) find first readers for it b) start thinking about the rewrites for Deadwood and dedicating it to my friend, Paulle who died this week. It was the last thing she beta read for me.

Other than that, once I get the start of the semester crap out of my face, it’s time to get back into writing new stuff. I have four current projects: Behind Blue Eyes (SF), the Steampunk holiday story, These Haunted Hills (contemporary or paranormal, still working that out) and the one set at an anime con but I think I’m going to back burner that one for now.

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