Sunday Small Talk

I almost didn’t bother with a post today because there really isn’t much to say. I’ve written all of two paragraphs on These Haunted Hills and all the rest of my time has been sucked up by the first week back to school stuff and editing Blood Red Roulette and making a fine mess of it.

Then I thought, you know what, let’s start this year out right by thanking the people who’ve helped me. So thank you to Betty and & for offering up some thoughts on how to even FURTHER revamp the beginning of Blood Red so Arrigo looks less like a selfish idiot because that isn’t what I wanted him to be. When I reconfigured Eleni to make her a more worthwhile villain, it was at Arrigo’s expense and that isn’t working either. So thank you, ladies.

And thanks also to & for weighing in on the rejection of Cassadaga Nights because I had to agree with the editors of the publishing house who said no. I had worried about that and now those worries were confirmed but you know, I think CN can wait until I get my way through BRR.

Sadly I see there is one less publishing house to consider. Wilde City closed its doors. I had noticed it wasn’t open for submission when I shopped around for CN and while I have nothing there personally it’s sad to see SO MANY indie LGBT publishers going under. I’m also worried about Wayward Ink. The owner there had said hopefully by Jan things would be rolling again (health issues are the concern here) but it’s mid Jan with no contact. Oh well. Right now I have enough on my plate without worrying about the SF short I have in consideration there. Once I get BRR and CN reworked, and if there is still no word by then (because seriously I’m thinking it’ll be mid-March by then) THEN I’ll pull that story.

Of course, I guess the argument could be made that we could just self publish all of these things but that really isn’t what I want to be doing right now. Mostly because with the indie publishing houses I at least have some marketing support, editors to help me and cover artists (I mean have you SEEN all my cover art? It’s amazing and I could never get anything that good on my own.) So yeah, it’s sad to see another one go and good luck to my friends who are affected by this. It’s not an auspicious start to the new year (especially following on the heels of the All Romance nightmare).

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