Rainbow Snippets

I’m still sharing from There Haunted Hills. I’d better get back to writing it! I’m struggling to write anything right now. I have a rough semester this time out and by the time I get home and do all the work I have to do, I’m too tired to write. Sigh.

This picture is jumping ahead a little to where Brendan will first meet Joshua. This is Ash cave in the Hocking Hills, near Logan, Ohio.

 photo ash-cave-hocking-hills-state-park_zps4vzoxcjh.jpg

The snippet continues directly from when he got his coffee and has sat down on the futon to try and settle in (and it finally hints as to why he’s in this cabin in the woods, other than as a potential site to commit suicide in).

Flipping on the TV, he reassured himself there was actually a functioning satellite and ditto the wifi for the computer so there wouldn’t be some Overlook-The Shining isolation driven craziness going on. Brendan powered up his computer, wondering if he should remove the paperweight of a galaxy he had as a wallpaper. Kristen had shared her opinions on it the last time she had seen him, and they had been as negative as they had been loud. He pushed it from his mind. He checked his emails, let Kristen know he’d made it safety. He saw no emails from his agent, his best friend Jonathan nor the man who he’d hired to show him around to the haunted sites in the Hocking Hills and the surrounding towns.

If you’d like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It’s been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It’s been a great supportive group!

20 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets”

  1. Yep, I understand the frustrations of too much going on in the Real World to write. :/

    Interesting hints there about his situation. Sounds like he’ll need someone to help get his mind off his troubles.


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