Drive by posting

I got about 3 hours sleep last night (because my brain woke me up singing Sisters of Mercy…) so this isn’t going to be a great Queer Blog Wednesday post. I’m not even promising coherent.

So as the bacon bits tossed on the suck salad 2017 is shaping up to be, I had a death of a long time friend followed by the death of my great aunt and a family friend both on the same day followed today by the death of one of my best friend’s uncle so I needed something GOOD to concentrate on.

That’s when I found this in my twitter feed (Thanks to Kim Fielding), a great review of Once Upon a Time in the Weird West Love Bytes Review. I’m so glad it’s being well received, especially when I keep seeing spec fic being knocked as ‘hard to sell’ (I’m not sure if this one is flying off the shelf either because I haven’t been poking around in the sales data but I hope it’s doing well). I wish there was a bigger audience for fantasy and SF. I know so many of us love to write it, me especially.

And since I have no coherent on point discussion this week, let me toss this out there. I have a couple characters going ghost hunting in an abandoned hotel. One is professional ghost hunter, the other an author wanting to write about ghosts. I’ve been wondering what would people like to see in a ghost story. And no, they won’t be yelling at the ghosts ala Ghost Adventures because nothing good can come of that. Some of the places in the story will be places I’ve gone ghost hunting. (read the closest I can come to contemporary fiction is writing about ghost hunting….not for the first time!)

Maybe next week I’ll remember on Tuesday night to schedule these Wednesdays posts so they’re more coherent (I have too many hours in lab then more in front of the class on Wed!)

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