Sunday Small Talk

It’ll be short but important this weekend. It’ll be hard to write this coming week as class is starting and that is always a chaotic time.

I did manage to finish my edits for Nine Star Press on the steampunk Christmas story. I still have a ton of other stuff to finish for them (maybe tomorrow) but the edits have been turned back in. I’m struggling to come up with a picture for my bio. I loathe having my picture taken.

And I finally finished editing Blood Red Roulette. Oh it’s not ready yet to send out. My beta reader is going over the first third of it since I changed it so extensively and I have a few scenes that I want to dither about cutting or not but it’s done (but still pretty long. Sigh). I wanted to get it done by July and failed so I revised that to get it done before classes. I’m making that by the skin of my teeth.

I still fear this one will never find a home.

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