Sunday Small Talk

It’s just a short talk this time as it was a horrendous first week of the semester. It ate up all my time and emotionally left nothing for me when it came to writing.

I’m still waiting to hear back from my beta on whether or not she’ll be reading more of Blood Red Roulette (things are nutso on her end too). So that’s in a holding pattern.

I did however make tons of progress on my steampunk Christmas story. I ‘m already through two rounds of edits and am waiting on copy edits. I’ve finally managed to get all of the author info, cover spec and blurb stuff in. I wasn’t dragging my heels but I was a bit late with it. The first week of school and the week leading up to it are insanely busy so there’s that.

The other writing thing I’ve done was editing on an old fan fic. I don’t hide my fan fic roots. I’m proud of them. I had written a Saiyuki novella for a big bang at least seven years ago (which was the last time I had touched the file) but that challenge failed and it’s been in the forgotten file folder. This year someone else started up another Saiyuki big bang so I blew the dust off the novella. To my shock, for being so old, it’s not actually bad. There are some weak rough spots but when this goes live next week, I’ll be happy for it. I miss doing a lot of fan ficcing. It’s something i only do at the holidays for the various challenges.

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