Sunday Small Talk

I don’t have a lot to say but I thought it would be good to share the freebie I wrote last week for Chuck Wendig’s flash fic challenge. It’s the most I’ve wrote in a week in forever (almost 1,900). It’s also my first foray into lesbian fiction. It is very mild, just the very beginning of the relationship. Obviously I work better with a deadline. I used to love that in myself. I’m beginning to hate it.

You can find the story here: When They Called Her Home

I’m waiting on a bit more from my beta on Blood Red but I know she’s busy so I’m probably just going to label it as done as it’s getting and resubmit before I lose my nerve.

I started editing Cassadaga but with the hurricane in Florida (where this is set) I’m struggling. I need to set it aside until I know my friends and family are okay.

I am going to be writing Josh and Brendan’s story for nano in theory. I might be writing under my other pen name for the next few weeks for a middle grade reader open call.

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