Nanowrimo Prep

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything because I have no internet. By the time it’s all said and done, it’ll be out for a month. It’s been an insane month at that. October is always busy for me but I had visitors and that meant getting this place ready for that but I didn’t succeed. So that meant getting mocked by the family for being a slob. Yeah, thanks. I do have the urge when I’m back home this holiday season to go open every one of my brother’s closest and make comments like he did to me. Ah family.

I’m getting ready to do nano. I’m in the wrong head space for this. It’s been a rough semester. I am, however, hopeful because I love these characters and I’m happy to be telling their story. I’ve been plotting this in my head all year but not really outlining it (pantser here). I’ll be writing (and hopefully finishing) <i>These Haunted Hills</i>, set here where I live. I’ve already gotten some nice positive feedback from the folks at Rainbow Snippets on the little bit I’ve already finished. (that won’t count toward the final count).

Brendan is a highly successful author (YA fantasy) who has lost everything a few years before, when his son died of cancer. He’s had an amicable divorce from his wife with whom he’s still friends. He’s come to the Hocking Hills not terribly far from Athens, Oh. He wants to try to get back into life writing a more adult story about a haunted hotel.

Joshua is an ecology professor by day, ghost hunter by night and all around geek all day long. He’s thrilled when Brendan contacted him via his ghost hunting website as he’s a huge fan. Josh promised to help Brendan explore the ghosts of the area for his book.

And I took a page out of a friend’s book and did a Tarot reading to help with the plot and this is what I have.

The protagonist – Ace of Wands – So this would be Josh. It’s a card full of energy and action. It’s a nicely positive card and that is definitely Josh.

The antagonist – Reversed seven of wands – This is Brendan. The core of this one is defensiveness and Brendan is surely that. He’s defending his heart. He has lost his son. He’s divorced his wife. He hasn’t written anything new since his son’s cancer turned terminal. He has to defend his choice to move away from YA writing.

The Theme – the Page of Swords – The core here is trying something new, moving on to the next new adventure and that is true of both men.

The Beginning – ten of swords – First off, OMFG WHY do I always pull this card? This card dogs me. But it is perfect for Brendan at the beginning of the novel. He has surrendered to the unpleasant circumstances, life without his son and the arduous task of rebuilding his life.

The Middle – The Magician reversed – The only major arcana in the spread. The search for knowledge and creating change. And in my story’s case a ghost will show them the way.

The ending – The king of wands – it is driven by passion and inspiration

I’m finally ready (okay almost) to send in Blood Red.


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