Sunday Small Talk

It has been a while. I’ve admittedly been neglecting this blog. It wasn’t entirely my fault. I had no internet for a month and what I could glean from sitting at my office at work needed to be for work projects. Then nano cropped up and damn it, I was going to finish something and then came finals.

Well finals are over and I did finish my nano but I still have a lot to write yet on These Haunted Hills. I am still working on it. I feel I owe a shout out to Lex Chase because without the nightly word sprints I doubt I would have finished. My local group was more scattered than usual thanks to our ML moving (not away from the area but still, moving takes up so much time). I had some things I knew I wanted to put into this story, then finals happened and now I barely remember.

In no particular order, what I do remember is a) Brendan talking to the twins about using their abilities to see if his house is haunted and following through with that so he can see his son has moved on b) going out to the haunted hotel as a group (if there is any part of this I’m not sure is working it’s that hotel) c) his ex showing up. I could probably live without this scene but this is actually turning out to be a rather short novel for me so I probably have room for it. As the novel opens with her worried he’s suicidal it might be nice to show her realizing he’s okay now d) potentially having something supernatural attach itself to Brendan and e) the final scenes at the hotel and all the dangers there in.

I also want to work on expanding my SF novella which would fit the Nine Star open call for Lost. I thought it was due in just a few weeks. Luckily Lex pointed out that I am supremely confused and I have months on this. Good because I DO want to get that expanded and worked on.

I do have two other novellas I need to do something with. I want to work on changing the ending of my Cassadaga story after a rejection that reenforced I was off track there and to get to that shifter novella in Deadwood.

I have plans for 2018 as you can see. Also, I want to finish Kaleo and Aneirin’s story. I need to be working harder than I have been but frankly 2016-2017 has been one long depression so that I’ve written and sold anything is a minor miracle and one I’m going to tout.

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