Sunday Small Talk

After sitting in on some author’s panels at the Ohioana Book Festival, can I say how happy I am that I get real input on my book covers? SO grateful. Many of them with big publishing houses (looking at you Kensington who seemed to be the worst offender) the authors fill in the cover spec sheets and then down the road get a cover that may have diddly to do with the book and are stuck with them.

I suddenly know how lucky I’ve been.

Also has anyone been having issues with track changes in Word? I’m having trouble with it not changing things (I.e. not even bringing up the accept/reject options), refusing to highlight something so I can change it, making me do the punctuation separate from the text but not always. I have no idea what is up but it’s doing it on four separate computers. I’m not sure if it’s Word or that these documents were partially written in Word and partially in Libre office. I guess if it’s still doing it on the newest story I’ll know it’s word as I’ve dumped Libre.

Speaking of the new story, it’s a Christmas story in Florida. Maybe I’ll get it done maybe not but it’s a contemporary story that isn’t boring me as I write it which is what contemporary stories usually do. I have hope for it.

I’m also neck deep in edits for the SF novella. I need to get it done because I’m running out of time. Crosses fingers.

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