Sunday Small Talk

I’ve been quiet again. I was racing the clock on a holiday story. I sent it in Saint Augustine Florida. I have to admit, I lived 3 1/2 years in Florida and didn’t like it much. I’m very sensitive to heat so that played a role. It was also the worst time of my life (after my surgical career ending injury). In spite of having great friends there without whom I wouldn’t have lasted there, it was rough for me.

That said, I loved Saint Augustine. I don’t really see me retiring to FL but I would consider St. Aug. Some of the research I did for the story included things that either weren’t there when I moved there in 2001 or I didn’t have time/money to investigate when I was there. Now I sort of want to go back. I think I’ll wait until the proposed Star Trek land is made and the Star Wars hotel (and hit Diagon Alley on the way).

It’s funny that I wrote a contemporary Christmas story (my holiday stories are often pagan) but almost all the holiday open calls are for ‘other’ holidays instead of Christmas. Mine was meant to be Saturnalia. That was even the file name. I researched it with a Llwellyn author. No dice. My brain’s a jerk.

I’m trying to write a post apocalyptic solarpunk but I’m not sure how well it’s going. wish me luck.

And I’ve decided to post writing links I’ve gathered from various places around the web, mostly from my friends.

How To Read, Edit, and Evaluate Your Writing With Fresh Eyes

Use Book Excerpts To Promote Your Book This one I do!

How to Spot Self-Publishing Scams This just came up, not as a self pub but an ‘indie’ publisher. Some of them are predatory too. Just google writer beware as well and check out the various websites that warehouse these jerks.


Book Marketing: How Smart Collaboration Between Authors Helps Sell Books – A Case Study I’ve been seeing this a lot lately. Let me add, please don’t send out a newsletter daily when you’re doing this

Book Production: Bookbinding Options for Print-on-Demand Self-published Books

Older Authors Refuse to Fade Away: May 2018 AskALLi IndieVoices Broadcast

The 5 Stages of Editing Grief OH do I know these well

Synopsis: Why All Writers Need One Even Though They Hate It Loathe is a better word

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