Sunday Small Talk

It’s the start of Camp Nano. I failed at it in April, mostly due to the edits required on Blood Red Roulette and the end of the semester. I’m not exactly upset by that of course. It’s a good reason to fail. I should have no real issues in July. Even if edits on Purrfect Holiday come in, that’s not a very long story (unlike the over 300 pages BRR).

I’m working on two projects but only one under this pen name. It’s a solarpunk post apocalyptic. I have a local fellow who’s the farmer/fisher type with some scientific background and from the city, a scientist who has some messed up DNA thanks to the alien trying to decide can he live so remotely.

the beginning is rough because it’s more of an info dump for me that I’ll smooth out later (mostly I was pantsing it without a lot of notes, creating as I go). Hopefully it’ll get done for the anthology deadline. I do like these characters but I need to take some precautions with Sam. Yes, he’s into green tech and sustainable living but he’s also Native American and I don’t want him to look like a stereotype.

And have about three weeks worth of writing links

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podcast fight-scenes

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Five Underused Character Archetypes

Start Your Novel with a Bang! 12 Ways to Hook Readers

Non-Verbal Communication in Writing

It’s All About Perspective /2143216.html”> here

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