Sunday Small Talk

One day late and for a bad reason: my computer is sick and I’m having to share with my mother.

I don’t have a lot to say anyhow. I mostly wanted to share some of the accumulated writing links.

I am, however, getting more time on my post-apocalyptic solarpunk because the deadline I swore was at the end of the month is now September. That’s great.

Camp nano is going well. I’m about halfway to my goal.

Have some links from my friend Betty

The No. 1 Rule for Flashbacks in a Story Opening

6 Easy Writing Exercises to Fuel Your Creativity

Redesign Your Life To Prioritize Writing With David Kadavy

Five Story Elements That Worked in One Story but not in Another

Creating a Magic System for Superpowers

Creating Character Chemistry podcast

And from around the web

Writers and the “F” Word: Coping With Failure

The Psychology of Author Marketing

The Power of Sharing Writing, Even in Draft Form I think I shared this last week but it’s worth sharing again. And seriously I’m up for sharing.

The Delights And Dangers Of First-Person Narration

Conducting Interviews For Research: Identifying And Contacting Expert Sources

Make A Plan To Start Writing Your Book

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