Sunday Small Talk

I can’t talk about my writing since I haven’t been doing much. It has been a mess of me mismanaging time, visiting family and getting ready for the new semester. I at least know where my solarpunk thing is going. It’s all a matter of me not pissing around to get it done.

The other fun thing that’s been rolling through my head this weekend is the thoughts of fan art and fan fic. I’m doing the latter finishing up a project 15 years in the making (i.e. set aside forever) and Queer Sci-Fi’s post about fan art reminded me of the few pieces I’ve received and loved very much.

I know some creators who don’t like it. To be honest I wouldn’t be thrilled if people changed the characters sexuality BUT I know that’s how fanfic goes. I wouldn’t be stressing about it. I sure as hell wouldn’t be calling fan ficcers/artist ‘rapist’ (still have not forgiven Gabaldon for that, while now erased here’s a good post about it – see here

Quite the opposite, if you are so moved to do fan works for MY stories I will weep in joy and be thankful something I wrote moved you to create something. If you feel moved to share it please do.

And how about some writing links

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