Sunday Small Talk

I planned to use the drive to Ohio to work out the end game for my solar punk story but it refused to cooperate. It rather natter on about nonsense. Then I get home to find out my internet is out because some yahoo cut the wires outside the apartment. AGAIN. This time I’m going to go paint them day-glo orange or tie flag to them or something.

I was thinking about synchronicity and inspiration on the drive though. Someone from my writer’s group had a one off line in her urban fantasy about elf blood being poisonous to vampires but in small doses acted like a great drug. I thought that could be fun to run with. Then I got into one of Kim Fielding’s books and elf blood is delightful to vampires. Ah well. It’s still a really cool idea though. It’s all in what you do with it, I suppose. You could have that as an anthology theme and still have a dozen complete different takes on the idea.

Writing wise, I haven’t done much. It’s the start of the semester and that comes with a week-early start for me with the all new science camp for which I have to come up with all the biomedical scenarios. I have been thinking though about how much I appreciate publishers who use auto-reply for their submission email to let an author know their story arrived. I mean it’s easy peasy to do with most emails. I wish the last one I sent a short story to had one because I’ve heard nothing and my paranoid mine is like ‘did they get it it? I bet they didn’t get it.’ Ah brain, shut it.

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