Free Flash Fiction

Fools for Love
This was written for spook_me on livejournal/dreamwidth for the 2018 challenge and was inspired by This lovely piece of art

Tonka sometimes wondered if her choices were always the wisest. She loved Sanja, she truly did but the Vila often got a wild hair. What could she expect of a woodland fairy? Well, she did expect to stay at home a little more often. She liked the Velebit Mountains. Tonka knew she’d follow Sanja anywhere but she should have protested a little harder when Sanja said they were going to find Baba Yaga and teach the Mother of Witches a lesson or two about messing with the Vilas of the mountains.

So now Tonka found herself fencing with a hut with chicken legs. Adrijan helped her out while Sanja took on Baba Yaga. The snow got into the act somehow, Tonka’s footing sliding and slipping as she slashed with her sword. “Sorry you came along?” she panted at Adrijan.

“Anything for my princess.” He grinned nearly taking a toe off Baba Yaga’s hut with his blade.

He wasn’t talking about her, not that he had much she wanted other than his friendship, and Adrijan was an excellent friend. His princess was an enchantress back home with no royal blood. She had no real love for Adrijan but enjoyed playing with him, telling him if he were a great hero he could win her heart like in a fireside tale. He refused to listen to Tonka or Sanja about his ‘princess,’ so they reluctantly let him do as he would. He’d learn the hard way. Adrijan followed Tonka on this ridiculous adventure to prove himself. He did it for love and so had she. What fools were they?

Tonka ducked under the hut’s foot but before she could retaliate, she heard Sanja scream. She whipped around to see her lover lifted off the ground impossibly high by the neck by a frail-looking crone. That was one of Baba Yaga’s defenses. She looked like an old woman a strong wind could blow away but she was tougher than anyone would guess.

“Forget the house,” Tonka shouted at Adrijan. She ran full tilt, snow be damned. Adrijan would follow.

Baba Yaga gestured and Tonka went flying, nearly landing on her sword. Adrijan soared above her, crashing down on her. Tonka lost her breath. The next scream she heard wasn’t Sanja’s. Baba Yaga rushed past, her hair on fire. Sanja raced after her, winging flames magically at the witch.

Never aggravate an earth spirit, Tonka thought, rolling Adrijan off her.

Baba Yaga dove into her house and the thing scampered off as fast as its chicken legs could go. Sanja held a hand out to Tonka while rubbing her neck with the other. Tonka let Sanja haul her up into a kiss. Adrijan pulled himself up and walked off shielding his eyes. He was amazingly shy about expressions of love. His princess would eat him alive.

“This was a really dumb idea,” Tonka said when Sanja allowed her some air. She examined Sanja’s neck, seeing the bruises Baba Yaga left behind.

Sanja smiled thinly. “Probably, but she’ll think twice about encroaching on my woods.”

“You are brave and beautiful and crazy.” Tonka embraced her. “Can we go home now?”

“Sure. So, bets on whether or not Adrijan makes an epic poem of this for his princess?” Sanja grinned.

Tonka snorted. “No bet. He will.” She linked her fingers with Sanja’s. “Home, my love. Let’s go home.”

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