Sunday Small Talk

I wish I had a lot to talk about but the truth is I’m so busy that I can’t even think. But of course the best news is Blood Red Roulette is out. No matter what happens now, that makes me so happy (even if there is a tinge of post-release blues hanging around my brain). I’ve had these characters in my head for more than two decades and it will be good to share them.

In the process I’ve seen a request for a sequel and another saying how much they like my writing. It makes you smile. I would love to do another story with these two. I had some in my head twenty years ago. I don’t think any of those would really work (which is why I didn’t try them). Also I got an encouraging ecard from the publisher to congratulate me on the release, another thing that made me smile.

Here’s is more of the blog tour. Hopefully I haven’t missed anyone and I am very appreciative of those who hosted me and a big thanks to Other Worlds Ink for putting this all together for me!

<A href="ht Lou Sylvre’s blog

Bayou Book Junkie

Anne Barwell’s blog

Mirrigold’s blog

Matt Doyle’s Media

Jessie G’s Books

If you’re looking for Blood Red RouletteYou can order it on amazon or


And have a few writing links

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Five Common Storytelling Mistakes in the Pursuit of Social Justice

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