Rainbow Snippets

Now that the holidays are over maybe I won’t be rushing at the last minute to read everyone’s stuff.

Cross your fingers for me. I might get the chance to be on the author panels at the Steampunk Symposium this year. It would be such fun.

I’m picking back up with my WIP because I need to get inspired to finish it. It’s These Haunted Hills which I haven’t shared from since Sept. It’s a paranormal story set near where I live in Ohio. Josh is a professor at a local college studying foxes and is a ghost hunter in his spare time. Brendan is a world famous author who lose his son to cancer and is just now tiptoeing back out into the world and is researching ghost hunting for his new novel.

This is set the evening of Brendan’s first big ghost hunt and he’s checking in with his ex, Kirsten. She’s worried about his mental state (i.e. running off to a cabin in the deep woods). In spite of their break up they remain close friends (they couldn’t make it work after losing their son).

“Brendan, how are you?”

“Pretty fantastic. Josh took me to a haunted hotel, the abandoned one I’m using as the inspiration for the book.”

“You went crawling through an abandoned building? Is that safe?”

“No, I’m sure it’s not but it was a wild ride!” He mixed a load of garlic into his ground meat along with cheddar. “A ghost threw a board at us.”

“Are you high?”

“No, well we shared a bottle of wine but I’m dead serious. We have it on recording, Kristen. It was like the best episode of Ghost Hunter ever!”

The pause on her end stretched a bit too long. “You can’t be serious. Brendan, do we need to set you up to see Dr. Potter again.”

“I don’t need the psychiatrist,” he replied, more crossly than necessary.

“It’s just that you never believed in that sort of thing and now you sound…well over the moon. Really it’s good to hear you this excited but ghosts?”

Brendan could picture her face as she said that. Her face crinkled up in such a cute way. She meant it to be stern but Kristen’s fine features just couldn’t pull it off. “I know, I know but seriously it was such an adrenaline rush. Swear to God, I thought I was going to crap myself when the door slammed shut and wouldn’t open!” He could almost taste his terror again remembering it, shocked that he wanted more of the same, so much more of it.

If you’d like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It’s been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It’s been a great supportive group!

16 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets”

  1. I love the tension here between the adrenaline buzz of what he’s just been through and wanting more but the flipside frustration of her skepticism, gnnn! lol very nicely done 😀

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