Rainbow Snippets

I’ve been buried in work and owe everyone comments. Sorry.

Here’s more of These Haunted Hills I’ve skipped ahead to the next day after the ghost hunt.

Brendan knew Josh most likely wouldn’t make the first move. Their relationship was too uneven. Josh knew Brendan was still suffering and wouldn’t want to force him into a position he wasn’t ready for. Ignoring that, Josh was too obviously a fan boy and was trying to behave himself so not to be that obnoxious fan.

No, if Brendan wanted to kiss Josh – and god help him, he did – he’d have to make the first move. He peered at the clock in the corner of his laptop. Nearly one in the morning. It was far too late to make Josh drive out to the cabin even though he had no doubts Josh would come.

If you’d like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It’s been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It’s been a great supportive group!

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