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Sliding in last minute again. I’ve been hiding from social media in light of everything but it’s been good for me finally finishing the rough draft of my overdue research paper. I got it done and need to let it sit and marinate before I tear it to shreds.

Picking up with These Haunted Hills again. Last week we saw the aftermath of Brendan’s emotional meltdown from Josh’s pov. This week we’re in Brendan’s head.

Brendan almost hadn’t been able to go into his house once he got into Dublin. He was terrified that he’d go in and see Connor there. Josh and his friends had really gotten to him. He had gotten into this mess because he thought Connor was trapped in his home. Now he felt that fear more keenly.

He’d been grateful that his psychiatrist had a cancelation and could make time for him today. Brendan hated running out on Josh like that. What must he think?

He seemed understanding the night before but this had to seem like fleeing to Josh. Brendan felt oddly uncomfortable with saying I need to see my shrink. No, not odd. He worried Josh would think that he couldn’t handle the intimacy and ran away to seek help. Of course, that was exactly what it was but it would hurt Josh and Brendan knew it.

If you’d like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It’s been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It’s been a great supportive group!

rainbow snippets

Since I’m running way behind, I’ll merely say I hope 2021 puts us on a healing path. I don’t expect it to be better immediately but I hope by the end it will be.

I’m continuing with These Haunted Hills Picking up from last week, Joshua is afraid Brendan might have gone back to Columbus for good after his emotional collapse at the cabin.

Jackson was some forty miles away but he didn’t feel any more at peace on the drive. He pulled into his parents’ drive. Dad would still be at work but it wasn’t Mom’s day at the library Josh hooked the leashes to his cats’ harnesses and let them out of the car. They jogged their furry bulk to the door, talking about it the whole way. His mother opened the door before he could even get his key out.

He took a deep breath, trying to beat back the emotion welling up. “Mom, I think I really messed up.”

She pulled him into a hug and for the first time since he woke up, Josh thought maybe things could work out.

Rainbow snippets

Hope everyone had a nice holiday season in spite of it all, whichever you celebrate or do not as the case may be. I’m currently iced in, trying to catch up on things.

I’m back to <i>These Haunted Hills</i> This is the day after Brendan lost his pendant.

Brendan had left the cabin early in the morning  He’d been distant – Josh could understand why – but apologetic at the same time. He said he needed to go to Columbus for a day or two. There wasn’t much Josh could say to that. He could only hope things hadn’t been ruined between them entirely. It wasn’t his fault but reminding himself of that helped not at all. Brendan had kissed him but Brendan was also completely freaked out by the pendant. Maybe he did need time to himself. Josh couldn’t get past the fear Brendan had gone and wouldn’t be back.

Rainbow snippets

For someone on break, I can’t find time to do anything. I will catch up on everyone’s posts, I promise. I decided to share a story from a couple holidays ago for Yule. This is from my steampunk Christmas story, The Glow of Luminiferous Aether on Tinsel with Ninestar Press

“He can’t be dead.” Al clutched her shoulder, tucking his cheek against her.

Minnie drew closer. “Al, Jacob is fine. He’s a hard man to kill.”

“People are easy to kill,” he growled.

“Not him,” Grace replied sternly. “Death came for him once, and Jacob beat the reaper off with his own scythe.”


As Chief Tactician for the airship DeGrasse, Jacob Scarberry has spent the last six months on a wearying tour of duty. He’s missing home, and his prosthetic leg is conducting the December cold straight to his core. But with the holidays coming up, he’s looking forward to a well-earned leave, sharing some Christmas surprises with his lover, Dr. H. Alphus Troyer, and welcoming in the dawn of the 20th century.

A professor at Ohio University, Al is already on Christmas break, and his unconventional household is in a festive frenzy. Al is a bit less joyous, his anticipation of Jacob’s return warring with uncertainty over the special gift he had commissioned for him. Would Jacob appreciate it, or will it put a strain on their relationship?

Suddenly Al’s worries become trivial when the newspapers report an attack on the DeGrasse. With Jacob fighting for his life miles away, Al is left to wonder whether Jacob will return at all, or whether the planned festivities will become holiday heartbreak instead.

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rainbow snippets

Spent the day putting in grades but at least I’m free for a few weeks now.

Finishing up the scene with Brendan and Josh and the trauma from These Haunted Hills and since I’m running ridiculously late, let me jump into this.

Josh got up and filled the kettle. Brendan turned on the TV. When Josh sat back down, Brendan had folded up against the arm of the couch, looking small. It killed Josh to see him that way. He sat back down while they waited for the kettle.

“Can you spend the night?” Brendan whispered. “Not for anything…you know? I don’t want to be alone and I obviously have some more obstacles to maneuver around but I want you to stay.”

I’m staying. You don’t even have to ask.”