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Sunday Small Talk

I had something I wanted to say for this It’s been a while after all. It was thoughtful and maybe even funny and I didn’t have time to write it down when it was in my head. And it’s gone because that’s what depression does to you.

But there are good things going on, hell great things even. I won one of the highest honors at my university, I was voted Outstanding Professor of the year by the students and that about made me cry (I’m sure I will when I have to give that little speech).

And over at Joyfully Jay it’s Paranormal week! paranormal week I’m among the 100 author giving away a paranormal read. I’m giving away my 1930s demon hunter’s novel Soldiers of the Sun So check it all out!!


I finished the edits for Blood Red Roulette. It took me longer than it should have (and thank you DSPP for being so patient with me). Hopefully I’m done with the huge edits and the next will be smoother sailing. Also I’ve seen the rough draft of the cover for this. It’s AMAZING. I can’t wait until I can share the final product. You’re going to love it.

I’ve also finished the edits for something I’ll be writing under my YA pen name. That’s really exciting.

And I’m waiting on the beta reader for my SF novella (she had a few RL issues). Can’t wait to get that off to Nine Star (crosses fingers).