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Sunday Small Talk

Honestly there isn’t much to say this week. Everything is as it was last week, though I did get to hear Lone Raven (a Celtic band) in concert which was nice and relaxing.

It also inspired one of my Nano characters to pop up and say I want to play a bodhran (or whatever I’ll call that style of drum in this fantasy world).

Now if only Tenaldi would be as open about his sexuality. I’m technically writing this under my other pen name as it’s not m/m romance or really heavily LGBT fiction.

Cam is bi but that is such a small part of this story that I didn’t feel like it would be something I’d be marketing under Jana’s pen name. Tenaldi probably isn’t technically asexual. He strikes me as more wrapped up in his job and a bit clueless than anything else.

I started out slow but I’m SO competitive, the various word wars over the weekend have netted me my daily word count and more. I’ll be at 10K by tonight.

I’ll take that as my accomplishment of the week.