Cover Reveals

This is a first for me two stories hitting the coming soon page on the same day. Both are in anthologies.

 photo WeirdWestORIG_zpskpd6r0lp.jpg

I have a new short story available in the upcoming steampunk/weird west anthology, Once Upon a Time in the Weird West coming this December 16 from Dreamspinner!

Mine is Corpse Powder and I’m very excited to be in this anthology with a ton of excellent authors such as Kim Fielding, Shira Anthony, Lex Chase, Venona Keyes, Jamie Fessenden, Carroll S Poe, Astrid Amara, Andrew Gordon, Tali Spencer, Nicole Kimberling, Ginn Hale, & Langley Hyde. How fun is this topic? And that cover! I’m aso excited to read the rest of the stories myself. I mean I’m always excited to be in an anthology but this one has a topic that I just can’t wait to get a whole of.

Corpse Powder‘s Blurb: Doctor Isaac Adler came to Virginia City, Nevada, to escape the horrors he witnessed during the War Between the States. Despite a living in a thriving Jewish community, Isaac’s having trouble finding his faith and finding work. Just when he’s contemplating leaving the desert, life takes an unexpected turn when the airship Aurora is attacked by pirates and Isaac is called upon to help the wounded.

The ship’s first mate, Tsela “Alexander” Zhani, is also trying to outrun a nightmare, his in the form of the powerful skinwalker who drove him from his Navajo village. Tsela’s friendship with the handsome doctor responsible for saving the lives of his friends gives both men a fragile hope for a better future. But their demons aren’t as far behind them as they thought.

preorder it here!

And because it’s so pretty I have to share this too!  photo corpsepowder_FBprofile_OptizimedForFeed_zpsqvyjpes4.jpg

And the second anthology Love Wins is the second DSP anthology that supports the charities for the victims of the Orlando Pulse shooting. I think that’s needed now more than ever.

 photo LoveWinsFS_v1_zpser3u0erb.jpg

My story from the Kept Tears universe is included in this, More Than His Scars. There are other great stories by some amazing authors, including Kathryn Grace Duncan Bone, Nicole Dennis, Alicia Nordwell, and many more.

Blurb – More Than His Scars : Facing the anniversary of the day he lost his arm while serving in the Middle East, Aaron is understandably depressed. It’s up to his lover, Rhys, to plan a special day to help Aaron see how amazing he really is.

preorder it here!

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